Jerrygibbsite was first described from Franklin by Dunn et al. (1984d). Subsequent local finds were mentioned by Dunn (1985a). Jerrygibbsite has not been found at Sterling Hill.
Jerrygibbsite has been found only as massive material. It is slightly violet-pink with vitreous luster; and the density is 4.00 g/cm3. There is no discernible fluorescence in ultraviolet.
The apparently low Mg content of both leucophoenicite and jerrygibbsite is especially noteworthy because Mg is very easily accommodated in the Mn-humites.
Jerrygibbsite occurs in simple assemblages consisting of only zincite, willemite, tephroite, franklinite, and/or leucophoenicite, and are notable for the lack of any Ca-bearing minerals. Of the five known jerrygibbsite samples, four are texturally distinct from each other, suggesting they occurred somewhat spatially distributed in the Franklin orebody. Zincite is present in all samples.
The equilibrium relations which favor the formation of leucophoenicite or jerrygibbsite, rather than the manganese humites, are worthy of additional study. Similarly, the effects of zinc on the phase relations for the Mn-humite group and leucophoenicite group remain unstudied, and very little is known of the partitioning of cations among co-existing Mn-humites. (Dunn, 1995)

 Location Found: Franklin (Type Locality)
 Year Discovered: 1981
 Formula: Mn92+(SiO4)4(OH)2
 Essential Elements: Hydrogen, Manganese, Oxygen, Silicon
 All Elements in Formula: Hydrogen, Manganese, Oxygen, Silicon
 IMA Status: Approved 1981
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Dunn, Pete J. (1995). Franklin and Sterling Hill New Jersey: the world's most magnificent mineral deposits. Franklin, NJ.: The Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society. p.356

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