The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Future Rockhounds of America program
is a series of guided activities that awards kids with badges similar to a scouting program,
and encourages and cultivates interest in the earth sciences and lapidary arts.
The underlying goals of the program are to foster science literacy through structured activities
that are engaging and challenging and by which kids learn while having fun.

• Open to all interested 9 to 16 year olds

• All levels of knowledge welcome

• Earn badges in various topics (see badges on the AMFED website)

• FRA meetings will take place from noon to 1:15pm on the third Saturday of March-June and September-November

 ⚬ Meet in Franklin Mineral Museum’s Kraissl Hall

 ⚬ Parents are welcome to sit in the meeting room

• The juniors have a great deal of input as to how the FRA meetings are conducted and what topics are covered

• Additional “at home” activities will be included

 ⚬ Some may require parental supervision or assistance

• Watch the FOMS website for FRA News

 ⚬ Upcoming topics & related information

 ⚬ FRA activity reports

• FRA Badges will be presented in front of entire club

For questions please contact Mark Dahlman at: fra@fomsnj.org or 301-428-0455