Uraninite, a uranium oxide mineral, was reported by Frondel (1970) from Sterling Hill. Only one crystal was known from the original occurrence. It was found as a lustrous black cube, approximately 12 mm on edge, surrounded by an alteration zone which included uranophane. The matrix is franklinite/willemite ore with franklinite crystals up to 35 mm. Pink calcite encrusts the ore and contains abundant sphalerite and curved red fluorite. Lead-isotope measurements gave an age of 955 (± 30) million years for the ore at Sterling Hill.
In 1989, a specimen of uraninite associated with green clinopyroxene altering to amphibole and fluorapatite was found on the Buckwheat Dump in Franklin. The uraninite, verified by use of X-ray diffraction techniques, was a 4 x 5 mm rectangular crystal with very high luster on broken surfaces.
Semiquantitative microprobe analysis found this uraninite to be highly thorian with U > Th > Ce. Other specimens, also with 4 mm crystals, but associated with pyroxene and feldspar, were found in the same year and place. Information concerning these occurrences was well summarized by Dean (1990). (Dunn, 1995)

 Location Found: Franklin and Ogdensburg
 Year Discovered: 1772
 Formula: UO2
 Essential Elements: Oxygen, Uranium
 All Elements in Formula: Oxygen, Uranium
 IMA Status: Valid - first described prior to 1959 (pre-IMA) - "Grandfathered"
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