Ferroaxinite (Axinite-(Fe)), a calcium iron aluminum boron silicate hydroxide mineral of the axinite group, is rare at Franklin. Palache (1935) reported it as crystals from the Gooseberry Mine, one of a string of magnetite deposits just south of the Franklin Mine; this material has not been restudied. At the Franklin mine, ferroaxinite is found in the Palmer Shaft area as euhedral, light-brown to medium brown crystals associated with hedenbergite, epidote, end-member zircon, andradite, pyrite, and fluorapophyllite. Partial microprobe analysis of these crystals confirms they are ferroaxinite, with 4 wt. % MnO, 1 wt. % MgO, and no appreciable zinc. (Dunn, 1995)

 Location Found: Franklin
 Mineral Note: Named axinit in 1797 by Rene Just HaĆ¼y. Renamed ferroaxinite by Waldemar T. Schaller in 1909 for iron dominance in the formula. Renamed with suffix "-Fe" by IMA in 2008.
 Formula: Ca2Fe2+Al2BSi4O15OH
 Essential Elements: Aluminum, Boron, Calcium, Hydrogen, Iron, Oxygen, Silicon
 All Elements in Formula: Aluminum, Boron, Calcium, Hydrogen, Iron, Oxygen, Silicon
 IMA Status: Valid - first described prior to 1959 (pre-IMA) - "Grandfathered"
 To find out more about this mineral at minDat's website, follow this link   Axinite-(Fe)

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